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Which hoof care product do I use when?

A question we get asked very often: Which hoof product is best to use and when?

  • HUFLAB Hufol is the classic hoof care product. Oil is particularly nourishing and is suitable for every hoof to keep it elastic and healthy. It gives a particularly long-lasting and beautiful shine and is therefore a real must-have, especially before photo shoots and tournaments.

  • HUFLAB Hoof Grease is the perfect care for hooves that grow poorly and need moisture. Our hoof grease is water-based and has more of a gel consistency, which is absorbed particularly quickly and is breathable. Laurel and eucalyptus stimulate blood circulation and thus promote growth. For this purpose, it should ideally be massaged into the coronet band. It can also help prevent thrush and makes beautiful and well-groomed hooves. The hoof grease can be applied daily to the entire hoof.

  • The HUFLAB Oil Balm with Biotin is perfect for strengthening the horn and making it more resistant. Here, in addition to moisturising oils and biotin, which has also been proven to help strengthen the substance when applied externally, beeswax and carnauba wax are also included, which provides a protective function against environmental influences. The hooves become firm and elastic and break out less. The Oil Balm with Biotin can be applied to the entire hoof inside and outside, one application every other day is enough to achieve an effect.

  • The HUFLAB Elastic Cream is particularly moisturising and thus keeps the hoof beautifully elastic. It is especially important to apply to the coronet band, as this is where the hoof grows downwards and the moisture can be absorbed. One application every other day is sufficient.

  • HUFLAB Hoof Hardener is the special product for brittle hooves. It usually only needs to be applied 1-2 times a week and only to the brittle areas, i.e. around the nail holes in shod horses and on the lower outer hoof wall in bare hoof horses and from the inside on the white line and bearing edge, if necessary also on the sole. Do not apply to the coronet band and frog! It "glues" the brittle together with tannin from oak bark and horse chestnut and ensures that nothing else breaks. It also reduces abrasion, which is why it is particularly valuable for unshod hooves. And all that without harmful chemicals, environmentally friendly and also absolutely harmless for your skin.

  • FrogAde is the intensive care for the sole and frog in case of thrush and is applied with a brush and massaged in. It removes rotten horn and stimulates blood circulation, protecting the sole and frog from further rotting. It can also be used as a preventative.

  • The FrogMedic is ideal for acute thrush and can be applied with the help of the spray attachment right into the smallest cracks and pockets. It penetrates deep into the rotten areas and dries the frog so that healthy tissue can grow back.

Of course, all our products are petroleum-free, therefore do not seal and can also be applied to the dry/dried hoof without hesitation. Do you still have questions? Then please feel free to ask!

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