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More sustainability in equestrian sports


It is necessary to change our thinking.

Equestrian sports are not exactly known for their sustainability. Trailer rides are often unavoidable, new saddle pads and outfits flood the market every season, and care products are usually packaged in ever smaller plastic bottles or even aluminum bottles. This is exactly where we are taking a new approach with leovet, focusing on bottles with more content that are made entirely from recycled plastic, treats that leave no waste behind, formulas made from natural plant ingredients, and products that are completely petroleum-free.

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What is petroleum?

Petroleum (i.e. mineral oil) is extracted from crude oil, similar to petrol or diesel. It is filtered until it only contains certain hydrocarbons. A transparent oil is produced. White mineral oil is another common term.

The unfavourable properties of petroleum:
Petroleum creates a type of film on whatever is to be treated (hoof, leather, skin, etc.) and immediately seals it. Moisture exchange is inhibited. Petroleum only penetrates at surface-level and, consequently, has only short-term effects (e.g. shiny hooves). The protective layer only conserves. It does not really nourish in any way. Vitamins and other active substances cannot be transported into the deeper layers.

All leovet products are petroleum-free!

Active substances are transported into deeper layers, moisture exchange is supported and “real” care and nourishment is possible. Petroleum-free products have significant benefits. Natural oils support care and nourishment of skin, hooves and leather, and reinforce their natural functions.

Zerkleinerte Plastikflaschen

Recycled! Everything else creates more waste!

In Germany, around 5.2 million tons of plastic waste are generated annually, only 15.6% of which (0.81 million tons) is reused as recyclate. A greater demand for recycled materials will automatically increase the recycling quota - only in this way will it be possible to reduce mountains of waste and conserve valuable resources.

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leovet already achieves a recycling rate of 80% on its
sold packages

Wherever possible, more and more of our packaging is being switched to recycled plastic. In addition, the spray bottle with more content (550ml) helps to reduce plastic waste - every 10th bottle can thus be saved completely. Some of our products are also offered in refill canisters. The core idea is to use plastic waste for the reproduction of PET bottles, thus taking into account the principle of maximum sustainability.


Our first treats that leave no waste behind:

They are our first treats that leave no waste! The stand-up pouch is 100% compostable and can be disposed of in the green garbage can or organic waste. It is made from a combination of kraft paper and PLA, this is a 100% bio-based and biodegradable plastic made from corn and sugar starch. Its production saves 50% to 60% CO2 compared to the production of a PET plastic bag. The banderole of the leoveties is added to the waste paper and thus recycled back into new paper. The contents of the stand-up pouch, the leoveties, are naturally eaten by the horses.


Unique formulas from over 100 active plant ingredients!

Natural active plant ingredients are very important for horse care. Special attention should be paid to the quality of the raw materials and their origin. High-quality ingredients have pharmacopoeia quality. This specifies exactly how high the active ingredient content in the plant active ingredients must be. This is constantly checked in leovet's own laboratory.

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