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Test report oil balm with biotin

Dear leovet team,

I have now been testing the products I received from you for almost 3 months. And what can I say - I am more than thrilled.

I have tried oils, creams and balms for over two years to finally treat my mare's brittle hooves, but nothing has really helped as reliably as your balm. I first applied the balm every day, then every other day and your description was totally accurate and not exaggerated. I would buy the balm again and again and, above all, recommend it to anyone who has problems with brittle hooves or simply wants to do something good for their horses. The balm keeps reliably even in wet weather and rain and can therefore develop its full effect.

The hoof oil doesn't promise too much either and provides a special shine, especially for photos or the show, and makes the hooves look neat and well-groomed.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to test your products and, above all, for treating my mare's brittle hooves.

Best regards,

Lara R.



Further feedback on the oil balm with biotin:

"I'm a huge fan. My mare couldn't walk last year because she was so sensitive. Since I've been using huflab with Biotin I haven't had that again. It helped quickly and really well." (Ilka J.)

"I use so many of your products, but I use Huflab Balsam with Biotin and Huflab oil the most. And I've described and written about it many times, I have great results. My farrier confirmed this again yesterday. From a sensitive mare that walked like a deer horse to great and healthy hooves. Success after just a short time. I can only thank him again and again. 😍" (Illi)

"The stuff is an absolute bomb 💖 My farrier also described it as a 'miracle cure' and he should know. I'm thrilled with it, the hooves look great and are also nice and stable and fit" (Jana J.)

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