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What to do with poorly growing hooves?

Good hoof growth is essential, especially for horses with malpositions, so that they can be corrected. But even with "normal" hooves it is good if the farrier has material that he can cut into the right shape. But what can be done if the horse's hooves just don't want to grow? Here a combination of support from the inside and from the outside is recommended. From the inside, it helps to feed Biotin ZM liquid - consisting of biotin, zinc and methionine, which together actively intervene in the keratin formation of the hoof and thus ensure that healthy, strong horn can grow back faster. As it contains no minerals other than these 3 components, it can be added to any feed without hesitation. There is no danger of overdosing. A regular blood count by the vet can rule out other deficiencies as the cause. At the same time, it can be supported externally with the right care. HUFLAB Hoof Grease with Laurel Eucalyptus is particularly suitable for this purpose, as these ingredients stimulate blood circulation and ultimately growth. For this purpose, it is best to massage it into the coronet band. An alternative is the HUFLAB Oil Balm with Biotin, in which the biotin also works externally. Sufficient exercise on different surfaces is also an important factor in stimulating hoof growth. Of course, horse rides or walks are particularly suitable for this purpose, as the ground usually changes naturally. In some keeping systems, special "barefoot paths" are now being created, for example, with round stones, water points, soft and hard surfaces, which then also ensure stimulated hoof growth at home. How is it with you? Do your horses' hooves grow well or could they do with a bit more growth? We hope our tips can help some of you a little. 😊

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