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What is there to consider when caring for bare hooves?

For horses without horse shoes, it is particularly important to ensure that the abrasion is not too great, i.e. that the hooves do not become too short, as otherwise the horses will walk with a sensitive walk and the farrier will not be able to correct anything. HUFLAB Hoof Hardener can reduce abrasion by applying it to the white line and bearing edge. In addition, the horn as a whole can be made more resistant and strengthened with the help of the oil balm with biotin. Biotin does not only have an external effect, but is also a tip for internal use. Especially for bare hoofed horses, supplementary feeding is highly recommended to promote healthy hoof growth from the inside out. Our Biotin ZM liquid is designed precisely for this purpose and supplemented with zinc and methionine to develop an optimal effect. By deliberately avoiding other minerals, it is suitable as a supplementary feed, no matter what other type of feed the horse gets. To stimulate hoof growth from the outside, HUFLAB hoof grease with laurel eucalyptus can also be used. For this purpose, it is massaged into the coronet band, which stimulates the blood circulation and consequently the growth. At the same time, the hoof is supplied with moisture. If something should break off despite the care, it is advisable to directly rasp the affected area a little to avoid further breakage. Then apply Hoof Hardener. Do you have any other tips? Who of you has a barefoot horse in their stable? Feel free to let us know!

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