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Tips in case of black flies

Have your horses already been bitten on the belly? On warm days, the insects appear suddenly: if you don't expect them, it is quickly too late and bloody crusts are the result. Of course, prevention is better than cure; all our fly repellent products are suitable for this and help reliably for several hours (for more information, see our website). However, if you have missed out on this, you can provide your horse with relief with other products: The Mineral Pack plus Arnica is a great tip for during the day, when the horses are still outside and exposed to the pests. Advantage: The crust protects against further stings until it falls off and the cooling is calming and pleasant for the horses. Propolis gel is also a blessing after insect bites and can be used at any time to do your horses some good. And when everything is fine again: don't forget fly repellent! Power Phaser Durativ, Roll On or TamTamVet Intensive are particularly suitable for easy application on the belly. 😊

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