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How can I support my horse during the coat change?

The coat change is just around the corner! Are your horses already shedding? During this time, extensive grooming is of course a real benefit for the horses and you can help them to get rid of the loose coat more quickly. So: brush, brush, brush! But you can also support your horse from the inside: For example, with our Biotin ZM liquid, which is biotin with zinc and the amino acid methionine, only in this combination can it be absorbed and utilised by the body and is particularly good for skin & hair. For the hooves, too, by the way, but for once that's not the topic today. 😉 Also helpful for the strenuous time of the coat change: The Gastro-Relax-Elixir. This supports the gastrointestinal tract and digestion, which is a common side problem, especially when the change in feed due to less grazing/more hay is added. How do you support your horses during the change of coat and what problems do they have to deal with during this time? Write us in the comments!

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