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Tips for bald patches in the coat

There are many reasons why the coat may be thinner in some places - be it an old injury or the rubbing of a blanket or snaffle. You asked: How can I treat bald patches on the head? Of course, the answer does not only apply to the head, but is also suitable for all other areas on the horse: It is important to keep the skin supple and healthy, so that new coat can grow well. The bio-skin oil and also the First Aid Propolis Gel are well suited for this. The bio skin oil with its valuable natural oils is ideal for areas where there is a lot of movement or where the skin is under tension. The oil makes the skin soft and supple and thus prevents tearing. Thanks to its natural protective function, the propolis gel is also wonderful for supporting the horse after it has recovered from mallenders and other minor injuries. 🍀

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