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Test report HUFLAB Hoof Hardener and Hoof Grease

Hello dear leovet team,

After we were lucky enough to test two great products from you, we would like to give you a little review.

We had the

leovet HUFLAB Hoof Grease Laurel-Eucalyptus

and the

leovet HUFLAB Hoof Hardener

In the pictures you can see our 9-year-old's hooves as they were in August due to poisoning and how everything has improved over time.

She had a very bad starting point. Her hooves were very cracked and brittle at the back and she had a split horn at the front.

We have been testing your products regularly and intensively since October and have seen a clear improvement.

Thanks to the support with leovet, it has become much better, as can be seen in the pictures.

We have used it regularly and as directed.

We can only recommend the products to everyone, as we really had a very bad starting point.

You can see it getting better week by week.

Thanks to the right additives in the feed and the care with the leovet products, we are now on the right track.

Thanks to the combination of both products, the hooves have grown considerably, but have not broken out any further thanks to the strengthener.

The hooves at the back are almost good again...

Unfortunately, it's still taking a while at the front, but with a lot of patience and care with your products, we are confident that they will soon be fine again.

Hooves are unfortunately a lengthy process, but with patience, good additives and the right care we are sure that we will be able to achieve a good result again. It is a pleasure to use the products because despite the icy temperatures they were always perfect to use.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to test your products and for the great success we have achieved with them.

Our mare Mesira and we say THANK YOU

Best regards


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