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Skin, Coat, Mane and Tail - Reflection of a horse's health

Vital care

As its largest organ, the skin has often been referred to as the mirror image of overall health. Keeping the skin healthy is paramount, as it shields the body against the climate, bacteria, fungi, parasites, water and dehydration. Skin and coat also play an important role in maintaining adequate body temperature. In the wild, horses naturally groom themselves and one another by rolling or “nibbling” on each other. In the case of our domesticated equines, humans have mostly taken over the daily grooming of the horses coat. Brushing and cleaning removes sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. It also stimulates the circulation and the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. For riding horses, the areas around the saddle, the legs and fetlocks should receive special attention.

The use of a coat sheen product, e.g. leovet Coat Sheen + Tangle Free, or Silkcare Conditioner gives the coat a silky shine. The long hair becomes much easier to comb. Coat and hair are nourished and covered with a protective shield against dirt.

Power Detangler Chamomile and Power Detangler Walnut from leovet are specially made to enhance particular colours of the horse’s coat naturally. At the same time, a UV-filter protects the hair in the coat against sun damage, and an added fly repellent helps to stop flies. If the horse is to be washed, we recommend using special horse shampoos. Our products have been optimally adapted to meet the special requirements of the horse’s skin. In this way, both skin and coat are protected from drying out and their natural protective power is maintained.

For horses with itching of the dock of the tail or the crest of the mane, No Rub has been designed to give relief. No Rub contains salicylic acid, urea and a special sulphur-containing compound. The mixture has an anti-itching, keratolytic and moisturising effect.

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