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Regeneration - Proper care after intensive training

Avoid stressful situations

After an intensive training session, it is important to give the right kind of care to your equine leisure-time partner, in order to aid fast recovery and regeneration.

This should begin with a thorough cleaning of the hooves to free them from any small stones and other objects. If the coat is sweaty, it is best cleaned by brushing or washing. Allowing the horse to roll is also pleasant for most horses.

After more intensive training sessions, it is advisable to cool strained legs to avoid the development of inflammatory processes. This helps enlarged vessels to contract again, thus preventing fluid accumulation (swollen legs). Legs can also be cooled with water. However, this is time-consuming and the effect does not last very long.

We recommend our specially developed products, Cold Pack, Mineral Pack plus Arnica, or of °Cellsius, which stays in place even on a wet coat. These products guarantee a long-lasting cooling effect. Specially selected ingredients such as arnica, rosemary oil and frankincense stimulate blood circulation and have anti-inflammatory properties. Muscles and joints can relax and recover.

In addition to specific care, other factors also help a horse to regenerate after hard training. The horse should be allowed to move about, and quiet surroundings help to avoid the development of stress.

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