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Are all those oils really good for the hooves?

A user question that is certainly on the minds of some of you: Are all those oils really good for the hooves? The answer: Only if they are the right ones! There are very big differences in oils and it is important to be familiar with them... to really do good for the hooves, you definitely need a lot of expertise and experience, otherwise it may well have a negative effect. Important: Mineral oils such as petroleum should be avoided as a matter of urgency. On the one hand, they are harmful to the environment because of their extraction and on top of that they are bad for the hooves. Hooves can be thought of as a sponge: they consist of tiny capillaries, tunnels and ducts. Petroleum only covers the surface of the hoof, sealing the surface and preventing the hoof from breathing. The result: the hoof bursts open from the inside and dries out even more. However, if you pay attention to petroleum-free care, the positive properties of the active ingredients can noticeably improve the hooves. Thanks to their non-sealing formula, our care products penetrate deep into the hoof and transport nutrients and moisture into the hoof, where they can also be stored for a certain time. This keeps the hooves elastic and healthy and improves the quality of the horn. Many of you may still know the phrase from the farrier: "It's better not to put anything on the hoof, it will only make it worse" - this is true in relation to products containing petroleum. However, as leovet hoof care is completely petroleum-free, you can use these products with a clear conscience and actually support the hoof in a positive way. 🌱💪 Do you have any questions? Then feel free to ask us!

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