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Which leather care product do I use and when?

Our leather care range - what do I use for what? In principle, it can be divided into 3 categories: Cleaning, care and 2in1 products. All of them are, of course, petroleum-free!

  • Our leather soap is recommended for cleaning. It is dissolved in water and can then be used with a sponge or cloth. The special feature: It does not have to be washed off again, as the composition with natural plant oils also has a caring effect. It is completely absorbed and is not greasy - ideal for all leather and even for cleaning floors. Also worth mentioning: as it is biodegradable, there is no problem with disposal.

  • For intensive care, there is leather oil and leather cream. These two are particularly suitable for heavily used, stressed and old leather or for intensive care at longer intervals. The Leather Balsam is a lighter care product that can also be applied daily without over-saturating the leather. All products produce a beautiful and long-lasting shine and keep the leather wonderfully supple.

  • For easy 2in1 cleaning and care, there is Leather Foam and Leather Quick & Easy, which are simply applied and wiped off. The dirt is loosened and the leather is cared for at the same time. These products can also be used daily without over-saturating the leather. Ideal for tournaments, for example. The leather care intensive also cleans and cares in one step, but is a more intensive care product and is therefore perfect for stressed or porous leather. It is deeply absorbed, makes the leather supple and protects it from external influences.

Do you have any questions? Then feel free to ask us!

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