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What to do in case of mould on the leather?

What to do in case of mould on the leather? This is a problem that often occurs, especially if the leather equipment is stored in a damp tack room or in the trailer. The best way to remove mould is to use Leather Quick & Easy or Leather Foam. These products clean gently and contain antioxidants that protect the leather. Then store the affected part in a dry place. If you are not sure, take it home first or use aids such as rice or cat litter to dehumidify the air. Repeat the procedure daily until there is really no more mould. Once this is done, the next step is to apply a good care product that cares for the leather from the ground up. We recommend the Leather Balsam or the Leather Care Intensive, which also actively protect against mould and give your equipment a new shine. Do you have any other questions for us? 😊 Then feel free to ask them!

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