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Test reports °Cellsius cooling gel

We let you test our °Cellsius cooling gel and here are the results!

@heidsabrina writes: "@leovet.das.wirkt many thanks for the test package. Cara and I tested it extensively at the weekend at over 30 °C at our championships and found it to be good.

It cools really well, the legs should ideally not be wet, but only damp, so that it can be applied better. The legs were cool quite quickly and it lasted longer than the cooling gel I had used before. The legs recovered very quickly after the strain of the cross-country ride, despite the high temperatures. The Cellsius gel is much more practical to store and transport than the cooling gaiters.

Thank you again.

And we will always have a tin in the trailer.

Clear recommendation."

@dachshund_frieda writes: "Hello, here comes my test report with pleasure.

After a longer break due to a tendon irritation and the hot summer, I have been thinking more about the topic "cooling legs" after training. We still use cooling gaiters and spray the legs with water, but especially after vaulting training with longer gallop phases it was important to me to cool down as long as possible. So I was very happy to be able to test the gel.

At first you notice a distinct warmth on the horse's leg, which then relatively quickly turns into coldness. My gelding often has slightly sore legs in sultry weather.

With the gel, they stay completely clear and swollen for much longer. Even after days of use, no skin irritation is visible. I have also applied the gel to a spot on my arm. There is no denying the effect. If the legs are not completely dripping wet, it holds very well on the horse's leg. I have a very good feeling with the gel and I am sure I am doing my horse a good service for regeneration and prevention. I will continue to use it and buy it again and again. Others in the stable have also become aware of it. Thank you very much for letting us test it."

Lea Elsen writes:

"Hello everyone, finally my test report on the Cellsius cooling gel.

Due to an old injury, my horse normally gets Icevibes after every load. However, as we are on the road a lot (rides/tournaments/courses) and I find them very impractical, the Cellsius Gel has recently been allowed to come along and I am very satisfied!

I have the feeling that the legs regenerate very well, and I also find that runny legs after long trailer rides are reduced with the previously applied gel.

It has a very pleasant smell and my horse is very happy to have it rubbed into his legs, where he had already reacted sensitively to some other cooling gels.

Another clear plus is that it sticks well to the leg but hardly at all to the transport boots that were put on after only a short waiting time!

Clear recommendation on my part! "

Simone Hirtreiter writes: "Because of the cold weather, it took a while until I could test it. But I am very enthusiastic.Especially for my grandfather, who has a healed pastern problem and often has a sore leg in the summer, it helped a lot. Even when he was in the box, his leg was much less sore after using it. He tolerated the daily application very well, even though his skin is sensitive due to his age!With the mare, I used it after cross-country training and after some hard ground during canter training. It was clearly noticeable that the legs were much better recovered in the evening than without the gel!Since it is also doping compliant, I will be very happy to use it for you at tournaments as well. There are often not so good cooling possibilities.

My conclusion: It's worth every penny!

A small tip for use: If the legs are not "dripping wet" but rubbed with a wet sponge, it worked best and was most effective.

Thank you very much for letting me test your product!

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