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Why do wild horses not need hoof care?

A question you may have asked yourself: Why do our horses need hoof care at all and wild horses do not? Wild horses usually move on quickly, so their hooves come into little to no contact with faeces and urine, which are particularly aggressive to the hooves. In our domesticated husbandry, on the other hand, this can hardly be avoided; even if they are mucked out and cleared several times a day, the horses often stand at least briefly in a muck pile or in bedding soaked in urine. Another difference is the movement on different surfaces. Wild horses are constantly on the move and cover considerably more kilometres on different terrain. This stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the hooves. The natural abrasion ensures that the hooves do not become too long. The hooves are supplied with moisture when drinking in water holes, and the morning dew does the rest. Both of these things are less common in our domestic horses. In addition, there is also the size and shape of the hooves: wild horses usually have small, strong hooves, while our riding horses tend to have larger hooves, which are therefore more prone to breaking off. As you can see, a number of points come together, which is why it is important and right to give our horses' hooves the best possible support. Of course, it should always be individually tailored and petroleum-free, i.e. it should not seal the hooves so that it does not interfere with the natural hoof mechanism and its moisture exchange. Can you think of any other points that we have forgotten? Then feel free to add it in the comments!

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