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What to do in case of respiratory problems?

In case of respiratory problems, the first thing to do is: fresh, clean air, (light) exercise, reduce dust if possible and provide clean bedding. Dust and ammonia in particular quickly irritate the respiratory tract, but especially in winter, when horses spend more time indoors and eat hay, it is sometimes impossible to avoid it completely. To support the respiratory tract in the best possible way, natural herbs and active plant substances are particularly suitable. We have 3 different products in our range, all of which have their own advantages. The Respiratory Syrup is the classic and probably the best known product among you. Echinacea, anise, fennel, ribwort, chestnut, primrose and thyme, gently prepared as fluid extracts are contained and support not only the respiratory tract but also the immune system. In the liquid form, it can simply be given over the feed and is always eaten with pleasure. Hamba-Vet comes in pellet form and can be fed either over the feed or as a treat from the hand. Here, the Capeland pelargonium has a particularly good preventive effect and in addition, horsetail, nettle, coltsfoot and liquorice are included. Here, too, the body's defences are supported. Last but not least, there is the Herbal Food with horsetail, nettle herb, coltsfoot, liquorice, peppermint, ribwort, marshmallow root, fennel and thyme, here the herbs are carefully dried in their pure form and freshly packed so that the active ingredients remain contained. It can simply be given over the feed and for extra effect infused with hot water, this way your horses inhale the beneficial aromas additionally. All 3 products are also suitable for permanent use, as a preventative and as a support when there are already symptoms.

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