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Tips for tail care in winter

A question that has reached us in time for the winter: What is the best way to care for the tail in sub-zero temperatures? In winter, washing is impossible in most cases. Nevertheless, dirt accumulates and the tail becomes sticky if it is not cared for. Simply brushing the tail should be avoided, as this pulls out a lot of hair and the procedure is not a pleasure for either rider or horse. Instead, it is advisable to regularly use a Detangler, which untangles the hair, has a light cleansing effect and gives volume, shine and suppleness. The Detangler is sprayed onto the tail and should be left to work for a short time. Make sure that some of it reaches everywhere, so fan out the tail as much as possible. As an alternative to the Detangler, 5-Star Magic Style can also be used - a gel in concentrate form. Then carefully brush the tail strand by strand. Ideally, repeat this procedure every second or third day to prevent the tail from becoming knotted again and to ensure that burrs and other dirt slide off easily. There is a suitable product for every horse: The 5-star Detangler additionally moisturises the skin, reduces itching and stimulates hair growth, Power Detangler Camomile and Power Detangler Walnut especially for light and dark horses respectively. The Silkcare Conditioner makes the hair particularly silky smooth, the Coat Sheen & Tangle Free is the standard product for every hair and the Stain Eraser Spray helps to keep the tail white even without washing when used regularly. The be-all and end-all and our ultimate tip for winter: Keep at it. If the tail becomes dry and flaky, mane liquid, bio skin oil or tea tree grooming lotion can also be helpful. If you are unsure what is best to use, just get in touch with us, we are always happy to help. 😊

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