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Mineral Pack plus Arnica

Clay earth makes for healthy horse legs. This special combination of clay and arnica is highly effective. Natural active substances and minerals regenerate, mobilize and activate, for deep effect.  Mineral Pack is smooth, soft and really easy to apply. Upon drying, the crust mostly falls off on its own. Any remaining residue can easily be brushed away.

Mineral-Pack_1500g_11-2019_rgb Kopie.png

FN anti-doping and medicine control rules:
not ADMR compliant, 48h waiting period recommended


These active plant ingredients are included:


Arnica: Constituents extracted from arnica flowers are
well-known for their beneficial properties. They help to support, for example, regeneration of tendons, ligaments and muscles.
Arnica is energising and soothing.


Clay: One of the natural white clays (kaolin). Ideal for cooling strained joints and tendons.


Wintergreen Oil: Has a circulationpromoting, regenerating and
soothing effect. Increases the toughness of the hoof.

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Zinc: Important for cell growth and the immune system, for example. For topical application zinc is known for its positive effect on the skin.

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