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Leather Cream

Nourishes all smooth leather with fine oils and waxes such as beeswax, castor oil and lanolin. The leather remains supple and pliable, is protected against drying out and maintains its original good grip yet does not become slippery. For regular care every 3 to 4 weeks.

FN anti-doping and medicine control rules:
ADMR compliant, no waiting period


These active plant ingredients are included:


Beeswax: Has protective and moisturising properties. Beeswax forms a light film on leather which protects against external influences. On hooves it provides long-lasting moisture. Skin is nourished and protected against irritation and dryness.


Coconut Oil: Has a protective and nourishing effect and also moisturises skin, horn and leather.


Castor Oil: Nourishes and provides a beautiful shine.


Lanolin: Lipid replenishing and forms a waxy, breathable protective film.

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