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First Aid Silver Salve

Special care for the skin. Silver Salve contains pure silver which, by way of the enlarged surface area, leads to a continuous release of silver ions. This allows the silver's antiseptic effect to unfold. Infections subside, allowing the skin to calm and regenerate. High-quality plant oils provide dry, cracked skin with moisture, making it smooth. Can be used to support the pastern against moisture and bacteria. Silver Salve can be used in combination with leovet Zinc Oxide Spray.

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FN anti-doping and medicine control rules:
ADMR compliant, no waiting period

These plant active ingredients are included:


Avocado Oil: Is absorbed well by the skin and hoof horn, nourishes brittle or chapped areas, penetrates the skin quickly and - due to vitamin A and E as well as unsaturated fatty acids in the oil - it also helps skin stay moisturised longer.

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Comfrey: The allantoin in comfrey has particularly gentle nourishing properties and is well tolerated. It speeds up the development and formation of cells and soothes the skin.


Beeswax: Has protective and moisturising properties. Beeswax forms a light film on leather which protects against external influences. On hooves it provides long-lasting moisture. Skin is nourished and protected against irritation and dryness.


Calendula oil: Increases resilience of sensitive, inflamed skin and supports skin regeneration. Promotes circulation and therefore increases hoof growth.


Jojoba Oil: Intensively nourishing, is absorbed by the skin, horn and leather virtually without residue. Particularly moisturising without being greasy.

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Pure camomile: This extract from fresh walnut shells enhances hues in brown hair and provides a natural shine. Known for its skin-friendly and nourishing properties. Reduces itchiness and helps to regenerate dry and cracked skin. Camomile naturally lightens hair and gives it a golden hue.


Silver: Silver consistently releases silver ions due to the greatly
increased surface area. These ions have an antiseptic effect and can repel bacteria. Skin is regenerated and soothed.

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Zinc: Important for cell growth and the immune system, for example. For topical application zinc is known for its positive effect on the skin.

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