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Biotin ZM liquid

For healthy hoof growth and better-quality horn. Biotin ZM liquid contains the amino acid methionine and the trace element zinc, thus providing help against brittle, cracked, broken and badly developing hooves. The active ingredients ensure that sufficient keratin is formed so that strong and healthy horn will grow in quickly.


FN anti-doping and medicine control rules:
ADMR compliant, no waiting period


These active plant ingredients are included:


Biotin: One of the water-soluble B vitamins, known for its protective function concerning skin and hair. It helps to harden the horn and has a positive effect on hoof growth. It also improves hair quality.

Zink_AdobeStock_200745724_cmyk Kopie.jpg

Zinc: Important for cell growth and the immune system, for example. For topical application zinc is known for its positive effect on the skin.

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