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bio-Skin Oil

Natural ingredients like marigold, carrot and St. John´s wort regenerate and restore damaged skin areas and stimulate hair growth on bald spots. A luxurious, long-lasting lotion that soothes bothersome itching and deters rubbing. Regenerates the skin.

FN anti-doping and medicine control rules:
ADMR compliant, no waiting period


These active plant ingredients are included:


Bio-sulphur fluid: Sulphur is used to reduce itching and the
inclination to scratch, for example, and is known for its positive and regenerating effect on the skin.


Calendula oil: Increases resilience of sensitive, inflamed skin and supports skin regeneration. Promotes circulation and therefore increases hoof growth.


St. John’s wort oil: Soothes irritation and is particularly effect
for dry and cracked skin. Ideal for nourishing sensitive skin,
for example in the case of sweet itch.


Carrot oil: Characterised by its particularly high content of vitamin A and provitamin A. Suitable for nourishing dry and cracked skin as it makes the skin soft and supple and is
extremely moisturising.


Sunflower oil: Has a soothing effect and is moisturising.
Also reinforces the natural protective barrier. Hooves are nourished, skin is moisturised and leather remains supple.

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