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From 26 July: The medals vault!

Thrills guaranteed in perhaps the biggest competition spectacle on the equestrian scene during the Olympics! 48 doors, 24 prizes - 3 huge prizes in one go!


Better health for the horse - less work for the rider

Our recipe for success

  • Effective care for horses at the highest level

  • From development to production - everything is done at the company's site in Lahnau in Germany

  • Innovative products – use of raw materials and active ingredients of pharmaceutical quality

  • Development/Marketing/Expansion

  • Highly motivated and reliable employees

  • Clearly structured work flows

  • 24-hour delivery service within Germany!

  • Delivery throughout Europe within 5 working days!


Our laboratory

Research and development at the highest level

All our products have been developed in our own laboratories. Regular quality control checks guarantee the consistently high standards of our products. We are able to deliver quality because our staff and technical equipment are always state-of-the-art, both technically and scientifically.

Our manufacturing

What do all our products have in common? They are of the highest quality, have been fully tested and are highly effective. The high-quality of the raw materials is a guarantee of product quality. All natural ingredients conform to pharmacopoeial quality.

Our product range

Our care products are tailormade to match your horse’s needs. We offer products for care and sheen, fast regeneration after strenuous exercise, effective fly protection, for hoof and frog care, care of the longhair, skin and coat, supplementary feed, wound care and for the maintenance of equipment.

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