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Without a hoof, there is no horse!

Without a hoof, there is no horse! That is why it is all the more important to care for them properly and keep them healthy. The most important thing is to pay attention to the ingredients - only a petroleum-free formula allows the hoof to maintain its natural moisture exchange and continue to "breathe". This is because petroleum-free care does not seal, but is deeply absorbed and provides the hoof with the necessary moisture - an effect that you can usually still see with the naked eye the next day. All our hoof care products are, of course, petroleum-free and rely on natural plant ingredients that have different individual positive effects on the hoof. So there is a suitable product for every problem - feel free to ask us for advice if you are not sure what is right for your horse! By the way: The phrase that keeps coming up: "Apply care only to the wet hoof to lock in the moisture" is nonsense if the care does not seal, you can apply it just as well to the dry or dried hoof 😉

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