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Test report HUFLAB Hufol and Oil balm with biotin

The hoof oil comes with an integrated brush, which for me means clean storage and handling. This is really important to me with Hufol, otherwise it just gets messy too quickly.

The smell is pleasant and I would say that it still smells the same as it did when I was a child. (I always clean the hooves beforehand with water and a hoof brush and I would recommend this to everyone. All too often I see hoof care being applied to muddy hooves. In my opinion, it has zero effect on the mud).

The oil itself is easy to apply, but I would prefer a softer/flexible bristle mixture for application. The product "soaks in" well and leaves a well-groomed appearance. My horses are kept in an open stable with a dry surface, so the effect is still visible on the second day.

About the balm:

This also comes with a brush but separately with a brush cap. I would find it much more practical if the brush could be attached to the outside of the tin. I just left the banderole around it, which also helped. During the cold winter days, the balm could only be applied to a limited extent, for me it is more suitable for spring, summer and autumn. I think that the consistency then changes a little. At least it was much better during the milder winter days. Here too, the hooves make a well-groomed impression, even on the second day.

[Small addition to the balm:

In the spring temperatures it is easier to apply and also "soaks in" better. In the cold winter temperatures, I always had the impression that it would stay on the hoof (it didn't, but it always seemed that way)

Today it was completely different, it spread better and went into the hoof surface. ]

I have tested the products on different horses since receiving them. The products worked well on all 3 horses.

The balm was applied to my warmblood with soft and cracked horn. The hooves are treated every 5 weeks. The cracks have grown down well and have not gone any further upwards.

I have used the oil on my quarter and our shetty. Both have good hoof substance, so the oil was used for care and also fulfilled its purpose.

I will not only use up both products, but will also continue to use leovet afterwards.

Thank you very much for allowing me to take part in the test.

Best regards,


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