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Why petroleum-free?

Mineral oils such as petroleum are not only harmful to the environment due to their production, but also hinder proper care, as they seal the surface of skin, leather and horn and prevent the penetration of the active ingredients.


How do I recognise petroleum products?

Mineral oils as petroleum are hidden in INCI lists under many different names, e.g:

  • Mineral Oil

  • Vaseline

  • Petrolatum

  • Paraffinum Liquidum

  • Paraffinum Subliquidum

  • Cera Microcristallina

  • Microcrystalline Wax

  • Ozokerit

  • Ceresin

  • MOSH

  • MOAH

  • Liquid Paraffin

  • Liquid Petrolatum

  • Parafin Oil

  • Petroleum Oil

  • White Mineral Oil

  • White Oil

  • Weißöl

Attention! There is no obligation to declare ingredients for horse care products, so it is possible that products may contain mineral oils such as petroleum that are not labelled. All leovet products are petroleum-free!

Demonstration: The effect of petroleum

Why do so many manufacturers still use petroleum oils?

  • Petroleum in skincare products are so highly refined that the end result is a substance that is so unknown to the body that there is no reaction on the skin or horn ➡ Petroleum does not cause allergies, does not change the smell, is colourless and non-irritating

  • Particularly attractive: petroleum oils are extremely affordable and have a long shelf life

  • Mineral oils such as petroleum shine particularly beautifully and for a long time because they lie on the surface and do not pull away - a great effect at first glance, especially in hoof care

The downside

Because mineral oils such as petroleum are a foreign substance for the body, they do not penetrate the skin or horn. Instead, they form a film on the surface. This means that mineral oils such as petroleum hardly allow any active ingredients or vitamins to penetrate, even if the formulation contains them.

The natural regeneration processes are slowed down by the petroleum film. There is therefore no long-term care effect. Underneath the petroleum film, it remains just as dry and stressed as before - and the natural moisture exchange, the "breathing" is prevented, which ultimately makes everything even worse.


Open-pored hoof structure under the electron scanning microscope

All leovet products are petroleum-free!


Active substances are transported into deeper layers, moisture exchange is supported and “real” care and nourishment is possible. Petroleum-free products have significant benefits. Natural oils support care and nourishment of skin, hooves and leather, and reinforce their natural functions.

Test it yourself and see the difference!


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What makes EQUINATURA special?

  • smart prices, smart products

  • saving money without compromise

  • manufactured by leovet

  • covers the basic requirements for care products

  • only what is really necessary is used in the products

  • all the advantages of a private label, but with the knowledge of where it comes from

Waterless Shampoo

For quick and easy dirt removal without water!
Based on micelle technology - no irritating chemicals. Dirt particles such as mud, urine, ointment residues and other soiling are removed quickly and easily without additional water. Mild, very well tolerated by the skin and can also be used on sensitive skin. Spray on - wipe off - done!


Left: Micelle molecule; right: surfactant/emulsifier

Micelles trap dirt inside and clean effectively. The special arrangement of the molecules enables high cleaning performance for grease and water-soluble dirt without damaging the coat or skin.


Test it yourself and see the difference!

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